SnakeEye مدل Q20

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مدل کالا: Q20
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This is a Drain/Pipe Inspection Camera that comes with a plastic camera head, a 7inch LCD monitor with DVR, a 30m cable reel, a heavy duty case that all parts included, etc. It’s widely used in Pipeline, Drain, Sewer, Duct, Chimney, Machinery and Building Inspection

Key Features:
420 TV line resolution color CCD camera
    > Diameter of camera head: 22 mm
    > Sapphire glass lens cover, 12 White LEDs
    > Camera tube diameter: 5.2mm
    > 20, 30, or 40m fiberglass rod cable
    > 7" TFT LCD Monitor
    > Rechargeable Li-battery
    > With DVR feature

Technical Specs:

Camera Specifications
     > 420 TV line resolution colour CCD
     > 60°Camera vision angle
     > Sapphire glass lens cover, 12 White LEDs
     > Diameter of camera 22 mm
     > 12White LEDs
Cable Wheel Specifications
     > 20, 30 or 40m fiberglass rod cable
     > Stainless wheel with special structure connector to monitor
     > Gold touch-point connector to Camera
     > 13cm rubber covered handle
     > 33cm wheel diameter
Monitor Specifications
     > (18cm) 7" TFT LCD Monitor
     > 320 x 960 pixel resolution
     > AC/DC power supply
     > Storage battery used
     > -20ºF~+120ºF operating temperature
     > 13cm (5") H x 20cm (7.75") W x 2.5cm (1") D

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